Matt Mullins is a 5 time martial arts world champion and 5th degree black belt in the discipline of Shorei-ru karate!

Matt breathed new life into the franchised character Johnny Cage in the Warner Brothers webseries juggernauts Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and Mortal Kombat: Legacy.  With over 5 million hits on his Johnny Cage episode, declared “the third installment is by far the best” and Matt Mullins is “remarkable.”  According to, “Matt injected some nice flavor into the character, along with being a straight up badass in the action scenes!”

The skill to pull off both the complex character and the intricate fight scenes of Johnny Cage is something Matt has worked to accomplish his whole life. Originally from Naperville, IL Matt simultaneously began training in martial arts and acting.

With leading man good looks and mad martial arts skills befitting an action hero, Matt nabbed the attention of Hollywood executives who asked him to be the focal point of a documentary film about martial arts.

The Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award winning documentary Xtreme Martial Arts chronicled Matt’s evolution from traditional martial artists to extreme martial artist and asserts that Matt’s sidekick has the force of a 2 ton truck! The outrageously successful program aired in over 155 countries, thrust Matt into the international limelight, and garnered him millions of international fans!!!

Academy award winning producer Roger Corman took notice of Matt Mullins and gave Matt his first starring role in the popular action franchise Bloodfist. The success of that film lead to other starring roles in projects such as The Adventures of Johnny Tao.  Home Media Magazine stated,  “The film’s real draw is rising action star Matt Mullins.”

Matt then became a series regular on the CW’s series, “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.”   The show aired for three seasons and still runs in numerous countries.

Mullins is now set to star in two feature films and a new television project.  First, Matt will star in the highly anticipated sci-fi action TV series, “Metal Hurlant Chronicles” adapted from the cult comic book favorite, “Heavy Metal,” in which Mullins appears once again opposite Michael Jai White.

Next up, Mullins leads a cast of Martial Arts legends, including Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock and Joe Lewis in the film White Tiger. Mullins says, “It is a great opportunity to collaborate with 3 generations of action stars. I look forward to building on their knowledge and experience with my unique blend of martial art action”.