9 December 2008Matt Mullins stars in new TV series, Kamen Riders

There’s a new live-action thrill ride coming to the CW Saturday mornings, and you’ll get a full episode preview on Dec. 13 to build anticipation for its January release. Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight descends from the wildly popular Japanese Kamen Rider films and TV series, a franchise that originated 35 years ago. Back in 1995, WBNX aired Masked Rider, the first American adaptation loosely based on the Kamen saga – but this new adventure is light-years superior. For starters, one of the main stars is charismatic Matt Mullins, a 5-time Kickboxing/Karate World Champion. Matt and a partner actually created the martial arts style/phenomenon known globally as XMA, or Extreme Martial Arts. He’s flanked by Disney favorite Stephen Lunsford and pop singer/actress Marisa Lauren.

At first glance, Kamen Rider may seem like another morphing fantasy show for teens, but there’s an ongoing mystery, a creepy shape shifting villain (William O’Leary), and some of the best-choreographed action scenes and special-effects you’ll see on weekly television.

Well known for his work in the Discovery Channel award winning Documentary Xtreme Martial Arts, Matt Mullins has been performing in TV, film and live productions for the last five years. With the recent release of the popular cult film Adventures of Johnny Tao and his supporting role in the upcoming Blood & Bone Matt Mullins is fast gaining recognition as an exciting action star. Matt still performs live with his performance team “Sideswipe” around the world. After finishing in the final 5 on last season’s America’s Got Talent, Sideswipe has signed a multi-million dollar deal to perform permanently inside the Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

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